Wedding Photography During This Uncertain Time

Challenging times. Social distancing. Planning during a pandemic.

No doubt you are familiar with these terms. On one hand you want to marry your lover and best friend in the company of family and close friends. On the other, you don't want to risk anyone's health, including your own.  A gathering of 100-plus or even 50 people in a church, synagogue or ballroom, might not be prudent these days. At least for now. So what to do?   

One solution might be a smaller, outdoor event, that affords the distancing for safety yet won't compromise on your desire to share the moment with the most important people in your life.

 As an award-winning event photographer who's done many outdoor celebrations, I'm here to share my own experience. I'll capture all the joy, love and spirit of your day.  During this time, I'm offering  special reduced price packages that take into consideration a smaller venue and number of attendees.   

We offer two pricing options for up to two hours of photography: 

• Weddings up to 12 people - $650

   • Weddings 13 to 25 people - $950

You'll get all the image files, each edited for maximum quality,

uploaded to your own private gallery here on this website. 

For more information, contact Norm Levin - 415-250-3189,  or fill out this form.

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