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Taking Our New Photographs Made Me More Aware of How the Sun Lights Up Our Day

When Larry and I decided to upgrade The Lifely Group websites, one of the first things on the list was to have professional photographs taken. For the most part we were using miscellaneous photographs that were taken with cell phone cameras in different times and places. It was all we had at the time. But then with covid shutdowns I thought I would not be able to hire a photographer.

So I went online and searched for local photographers and a site came up. The first listing was for Natural Portraits and Events. After describing what they do there was a little graphic that said "Photography with Spirit".

“Oh!" I thought. “That’s the photographer for us!” I contacted him and he was able to come to us the following day for an outdoor photo shoot on our property. It was the best photo shoot ever. Every photo we took was lighted either with natural sunshine or the lovely diffused light that comes into my office through high windows around noon. Norm knew exactly where to place our bodies in relation to the sunbeams to get certain effects. He would look at the light and then tells us stand here, stand there and we would step into pools of light. - Debra Radelia

"Beautiful photos! Norm photographed our daughter's Bat Mitzvah. He captured the seriousness and playfulness of the day in the varied shots he took. He is very professional and made sure ahead of time that he was clear on what our family wanted." -  Jo M.

"The non-profit I work for was having a gala with close to 400 people present - we have had this event for 28 years so it is fairly routine - but this year we were lucky enough to connect with Norm and WOW!!! How he managed to capture such great photos in such a large event was just amazing. With VIP guests it can be tricky but Norm has the presence and skills to get in and get out. We also got the best photos ever of people at the podium. I don't even know how and when he caught those! Norm is experienced, professional and EXTREMELY good at what he does. Cannot recommend him enough! - Tori B. Executive Director

"We recently hired Norm to take photos during our daughter's bat mitzvah, and we really enjoyed the result of his work. Prior to our family's big weekend, Norm met with me, my husband and our daughter to get to know one another and to talk about our hopes for photos. Norm took some beautiful family photos prior to services. In the evening, Norm pivoted with dexterity to documenting our family's energetic celebration. While getting great shots of a variety of guests and family member's, Norm's presence was easy-going which allowed our party to progress without interruption. We will cherish Norm's work for years to come." -Jennifer Labovich 

"Norm shot my son's Bar Mitzvah in late June. He gave us some photos quickly that we could use and we just got the full set last week. I hire photographers for professional events and have a good sense of what I want. From the moment he set up, Norm never stopped shooting. The deluge of photos he delivered to me was spectacular. He captured special moments, gorgeous architecture, and many many photos of our guests. Because there were so many photos the occasional poor facial expression or closed eyes, that are beyond his control, were not a problem because there were always alternates. While it's not how he normally wants to work, he was also flexible in being booked late in the process. I would definitely hire him again."  - Shabbir Imbar Safdir

"Norm captures the spirit of the people he photographs. I love the emotional qualities that come through his photographs. Also, he is a pleasure to work with. If you can go to his photo galleries of events, from celebrations, to group meetings, to natural portraits and photos, you will see his wide range of abilities. I trust him fully as photographer for our events - both to capture the moments and all the guests. He photographed my oldest son's bar mitzvah few years ago and we have already reserved Norm for the bar mitzvah of our second son. Talented and nice to work with. Great value!" - Hali Croner

"Norm is your calm in the center of the storm ...or momentous occasion and celebration. We hired Norm for an intimate wedding celebration that was indoor/outdoor. From hiring to receiving final product - including the communication throughout - the process was seamless and enjoyable (not something I'd normally associate with wedding planning!) Norm is patient, kind, personable, and has an eye for capturing those candid, special moments. He'll be my first call for future photography needs. Thank you, Norm!"      - Maggie Jacobs

"Thank you so much, Norm, for all these amazing and beautiful photos and videos. I am very happy with them and Elena is too. They really captured the spirit of the day and night. There are some that are just priceless- of my mother and I, of Elena with the Torah and in tears after the service, the candle lighting ceremony, to name a few. I also was so glad to see the rainbow because I missed it that night. I know you put in extra time to make the slide show... I really appreciate it and it is very moving." -Sherry  Freeman

"Working with Norm from Natural Portraits and Events was truly as good as it gets. He just "got" what we were looking for with our daughter's Bat Mitzvah photos. He got it because he is very communicative and asks great questions ahead of time. We met him a month before the event and discussed what were the most important aspects to photograph. Norm's style is very creative and unique and this really shined through in the final photos. I would choose Norm every time!"  -Jo Hadley

"Norm was a true professional. He got great shots of our newborn baby. He was easy to work with, and had a great eye for framing and composition of the photos. He made smart recommendations about location, lighting, props, attire, and positions. We are very happy with the work that Norm did with our baby girl. -Jeremy Pease

"Norm took our photograph to celebrate and remember our 50th anniversary. I wanted a casual, relaxed photo and that is exactly what he delivered. We love it. I would highly recommend him for any occasion. He made us feel relaxed and comfortable." -Madeleine Clements

"Norm was very responsive and provided our photos to us so quickly!" -Praveen Singh

"He did a fantastic job. The photos were high quality and he captured some great memories." -Mary Boden

"My husband and I hired Norm for our maternity photo shoot and he was incredible in every way! Norm is fun to work with, talented and truly cares about getting great shots that are exactly what you're picturing. He's a genius with lighting and we can't wait to see him again for our newborn shoot when our little girl is born! Thanks, Norm!" -Anne-Michelle Barrett

"Norm was fantastic from beginning to end. Professional, direct, and responsive Norm's communications were outstanding. Norm came to our photo shoot with a clearly defined vision and a tactical plan for executing on that vision. The whole process was seamless and the results were outstanding. Highly recommend!" -Casey C.

"We were so glad to find Norm Levin for our daughter's senior portraits. In a matter of days we communicated to find a date/time and outdoor location that worked out to be amazing. He was patient, friendly, and low-key with my shy/reserved girl, and we are extremely pleased with the gallery. Our relatives and friends are impressed with the photos and commented on the "great photographer"! Highly recommend and we'll hire again for family photos next!"  -Dr. Amy Sehnert

"We just received the photos from our daughter's wedding ceremony and we were so impressed with their quality and how the absolute joy of the event was captured. Norm Levin was a pleasure to work with and very professional. He provided us with hundreds of photos and we are thrilled with the results."  -Shelley Alexander

"So much fun to see your photos!!!! Thanks Norm. We just laughed and almost cried a few times… And a few…’the camera doesn’t lie. We really did that!’-Tom L.

"Norm was the perfect photographer for our wedding. He was unobtrusive while managing to capture some really good shots, very relaxed while herding our families into group pictures, spontaneous and fun. It was like having someone we had known for a long time, though we just met. And we have many beautiful pictures of that special day."  -Lois Karpenko

"Norm photographed two family functions and he was great. Since I like to consider myself a photographer, too, I asked him not to give us every single picture - just the best. That's exactly what he did - saving me from having to sort through hundreds of unwanted images. Another photographer at another event gave me 4 CDs filled with images - even though I specifically said I didn't want that many. Norm listens - and got our next job! Norm successfully captured the mood of both nights! He is artistic and competent - and worked seamlessly despite all the chaos of our events. We'd hire him again!"  -Marty Orgel

"You know I'm a hard guy to please, but you did exactly what we needed and more. I appreciate your looking for opportunities to make photos that round out the story too. You're professional, present and unobtrusive, yet know how to step up and ask for what you need without grating on nerves. A rare and desirable set of qualities in an event photographer!."-Michael Levin (no relation)

"Norm has the artistic talent and trained eye to capture life's most precious events. He truly made our wedding an even more magical experience through his gift and photographs. Anyone lucky enough to hire him would truly be working with a Master."-Laura Silvester

"This year, most of my son's classmates had their Bar & Bat Mitzvahs. One of the boy's older brother is a very good photographer and most of the class used him. We planned to use him as well, but learned he would be in Israel during our celebration. We were recommended to Norm's through a friend and booked him. Thank goodness our 'first choice' was out of town! We received far better and more professional service. The pictures are stunning and Norm worked hard to include all of our friends and family members."-Edward Zimmerman

"The photos are great!!! Everyone is so happy with them...I'm hoping you'll be available to take photos of our twins each year. I wish I would have found you earlier. We already had some taken for their birth announcement but we plan on using you from now on.  -Jennifer Herk

"The photos from our son's bar mitzvah are absolutely beautiful! They far exceeded our expectations! Really captured the moment and the joy. Thank You! And we will be ordering an album."-Elisa Stewart

"WOW! You are amazing and without a doubt have a great eye for catching the depth of emotion that was displayed (that night)."  -Hagar Ben-Eliezar
Director of Programming & Community Outreach, Congregation Kol Shofar

"Dear Norm, I want to tell you how delighted we are with the photos you took of Jasmin's bat mitzvah! You captured so many fabulous, candid shots of her, at both the service and the party. Excellent eye! It is great having them in a digital format too. Thank you so much!"-Sally LaMont Dubey

“You captured the day perfectly! You were so easy to work with. We were so impressed by the photos that were captured on what is a “very special day” and now we have the pictures to relive those moments over and over again. You have a way of capturing the pictures so when you look at them they tell a story, no words need to be spoken. I can see the love in my daughter’s eyes and I can tell exactly what she was thinking at that very moment, that is a true art. I will be sure to use you again when my son gets married, and for family portraits and when the times comes to capture those special photos of grandchildren.”

Kathy Karste

“What a joyous day our wedding was, and now we have the images you captured. I'm not so sure precisely what I expected -- it's not like I've been dreaming of my wedding for years, so I didn't have a clear notion of what we wanted or needed. But, now, seeing the hundreds of shots, we are so pleased with the results ... a very nice mix of the de rigeur shots with the occasional "quirky" image that brings a smile, a special angle that offers an unusual point of view, or a candid that captures a heart-warming moment. Throughout the day, you were ever-present without being intrusive. The wedding party and guests were completely comfortable and natural around you and your assistant, and it definitely shows in the photos. You were flexible and go-with-the-flow, popping up to catch those "must-catch" moments even without the benefit of forewarning. I do not intend to get married again, but I would use you again in an instant.”

Joel Preston

"Norm is a true professional. He did an amazing job photographing our daughter’s bat mitzvah and party. His many candid and artistic shots really capture the feeling of both events, and he provided plenty of group shots to share with family and friends. Norm knew exactly what was appropriate and meaningful at the service, and he artfully conveyed the fun and energy of the evening dance party. We hardly knew he was there and yet he didn't miss a thing. Thanks Norm!"

Tammy Edmunson, Ethan Schulman

"Norm, quite capably and artistically captured the essence of our children’s recent B’nai Mitzvah, the celebratory mood and the “photo moments” without fanfare – just a nano-second of pose or not! Equally superbly done was the timeliness of receiving the completed CD of the chosen pictures that we could then print at our leisure but almost instantly enjoy on our computer monitor."

Shira Marin, Phil Boland

"LOVE some of your action shots at temple and at the party
LOVE the disks with the photo labels on them (got them this weekend!). Didn't expect this, and it really stands out.
LOVE your close-ups of the bat mitzvah girl carrying the Torah at temple.
LOVE how you got close up and to the side when Rabbi Stacy gives the quiet prayer -- you caught me crying.
LOVE the wild dance scenes at the party and groups with people with hands in the air!"

Robert Sheppard

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